Montclair State University
Arts & Cultural Programming
Artist Statement

Making this film has allowed me to meander through time and space, to attempt something oneiric – the structure of dreams, of memories, of human consciousness…film beautifully allows for this.

I often find myself oscillating or vibrating between causal logic and emotional association. For me, that place where they meet has always been in movement, in dance.

Throughout the filming, small bits and pieces of memories accumulated, and we laid them over and next to each other like a mosaic. The process reminded me of the brilliant choreographer/Tsunami, Trisha Brown’s wonderful description of herself as “a bricklayer with a sense of humor.”

Stories are irrevocably affected by the fallibility of the human mind, by its limited perspective, distorted perceptions, the decaying of remembering. I can only offer glimpses of moments of things and let you the viewer, connect it causally or otherwise, as you see fit.

I’d like to dedicate this work to the memory of my Father, Hub Elkins, who passed away on November 12, 2016, during the editing of the film.

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