Heidi Latsky
Montclair State University
Arts & Cultural Programming
Artist Statement

I created Soliloquy from a poetic interweaving of ten movement portraits, to embrace difference and the inherent isolation of being human with fierceness and frankness.

Through elegant landscapes, intimate portraits, quiet stillnesses, and frenetic bursts, the film addresses our propensity to judge people by their physical appearance and defies our preconceptions about dance, revealing virtuosity and beauty in unexpected ways.

I have been creating dances with unconventional dancers for over twenty years. When given the opportunity to make a film, my immediate response was to create a film that conveyed with deep intimacy the people in it – something I feel is much harder to accomplish in a live dance performance because of the audience’s distance from the dancers and their inability often to see the dancers’ faces. Soliloquy is a magnifying glass, an entrée into the internal worlds of everyone in it.

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