Nora Chipaumire
Montclair State University
Arts & Cultural Programming
Artist Statement

My work at Montclair State University is two-fold: I was invited to create dance on film, Afro Promo #1 Kinglady, and I will also be performing my concert work, a piece called portrait of myself as my father. The content of that piece is an ongoing question that I have about black, African bodies – their representation and their agency, how they are portrayed. I have also been thinking about the lack of superheroes in the world that are black and African. Part of the investigation in creating Afro Promo #1 Kinglady is how do you create a superhero who comes out of this world, who is black and African? It is very much tied to the work that I am doing with portrait of myself as my father. I am trying to imagine my father as I would have liked him to be which is as a hero, a heroic figure. So the idea of a superhero makes that question of the father even bigger than what you see on the concert stage, approaching the realms of the Superman and other superheroes.

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